Printed material

Nashville Softball Association artwork

Photoshop composited artwork of the Nashville skyline and softball with trailing flames

Jewelry Store animated site header

Business Identity logo composition created for a local Jewelry Store’s website. The website version is designed to animate and showcase several stylish…

Up In a Snap logo

Business Identity logo composition created for a local interior designer’s innovative “Up in a Snap” curtain installation system. This design…

Joyce Martin Realty property signage

Business Identity sign/logo created for a KY Realtor. This design, as well as other iterations, are featured on the…

Magazine concept logo

“The Connect Magazine” (“TCM”) Logo. My composition of a work for a client…

Fisk University IEEE Logo

Fisk University IEEE (International Education Enrichment & Exchange Center) Logo.

KY Notary seal logo

Notary seal created for a KY official’s award certificate; given to individuals recognizing outstanding and/or distinguished service.